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Providing care to someone with Dementia is challenging and frequently an all-consuming endeavor. This 24-7 responsibility leaves little time to research all the service options available. However, it takes a “team” to deliver quality Dementia care.

Keep In Mind, Inc. is dedicated to supporting caregivers. Therefore, through KIM Q&A; we’ll introduce you to a variety of service options and providers. Each Q&A will give care partners a brief summary of a variety of organizations and service-options available. The more you KNOW the more support you can have during the care journey.

We’ll interview service providers and share their responses with readers in a clear and concise manner.


Senior Move Management

Dementia Alzheimer's Elder Care Q&A

dementia alzheimer's care senior move managementQ & A – Transition with Care, LLC – Senior Move Management
Keep In Mind (KIM) interviewed Cindy Greer, CRTS, Owner and Senior Move Manager of the Charlotte, NC based senior relocation company.

KIM – Please define what a Senior Move Manger is, as some readers may be unfamiliar with the term. And, describe the services you offer to Seniors.

CINDY – A Senior Move Manager is a professional who specializes in assisting older adults and their families with the emotional and physical aspects of relocation and/or “aging in place”.

KIM – Is there a formula or best-practice for when to employ your organization?

CINDY – If a you are a senior, or have an aging relative, and a move is on the horizon to a smaller home, retirement community, or assisted living I would suggest consulting with a senior move manager.

KIM – You began your Company in 2009, what was the ‘ah-ha’ moment that you had, that led to this decision? Had you noticed something in the marketplace, that gave you the incentive to specialize in Senior moving services?

CINDY – Yes, I was assisting my mother in downsizing her home after my father passed. Subsequently during her move to a retirement community and then to an assisted living community; it became apparent that it was more than just a move. The process involves the coordination of so many services. It is emotionally and physically taxing when it is YOUR relative. I soon discovered later that this kind of help existed within the senior move management industry. I received my credential as a Certified Senior Move Manager (CRTS) in 2008 and started the company in 2009.

KIM – Your company; Transition with care, solely moves Seniors. What benefit does your organization provide that other moving companies who don’t specialize may not provide?

CINDY– First and foremost, we are not a moving company, we are MUCH more! We manage and execute all the aspects associated with moving and connect you with a moving company that we have vetted that will meet your moving needs at a fair and competitive price. Our core services are:

• Downsizing- Getting rid of things you no longer need or want.
• Custom Floor Plans- We help you decide what to take and what not to take to your new home, and show you how your furniture will fit into your new home.
• Move Management- We connect you to a professional moving company and oversee their activities on move day from start to finish for you.
• Packing- We personally and professionally pack your personal belongings with quality packing materials.
• Unpack/Re-settle- We unpack and put away all of you items according to our clients wishes and remove all the packing material. We make the bed, hang selected pictures, and set your clocks. So when our client walks in, it “feels” like home.
• Home-Cleanout- After our client has transitioned we can help with the home clean out if necessary.

KIM – From your vantage point – what are the looming challenges you see in the marketplace and how can Transition with Care support those challenges?

CINDY– Educating the community at large on the senior move management industry is a HUGE challenge. If people don’t know about us, we can’t help them. We combat this by connecting with the marketing directors of senior housing communities in our area and offering free presentations on our services as well as how to make moves more manageable.

Thank You! Cindy Greer, co-owner and certified Relocation Specialist!

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