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Dementia Care in 60 Seconds! – Say it with a Smile!



In this episode: Dementia Care Solutions Expert, Ellen Belk shares a quick tip about utilizing your Smile while communicating with someone with Dementia.

A simple trick with strong impact!

Click on the video below for‘Say it with a Smile’

Caregiving 411 – $34 Billion Reasons to Offer Support to Employees

  Currently 39% of adults, in the United States are caregivers. Nearly two-thirds of family caregivers are employed either full or part time.  Employee caregivers cost American businesses approximately $34 billion in lost productivity each year! Since 2011; 10,000 Baby Boomers a

Dementia Care; Sharing DNA Doesn’t Equal Sharing Care

The Alzheimer’s Association’s 2014 Facts & Figures indicate there are 15+ million family caregivers providing support to a loved one with Alzheimer’s or other Dementias.  I’m respectfully skeptical of that number, as I believe that calculation is probably much higher.  I think it’s

dementia alzheimer's care senior move management

Senior Move Management

Q & A – Transition with Care, LLC – Senior Move Management Keep In Mind (KIM) interviewed Cindy Greer, CRTS, Owner and Senior Move Manager of the Charlotte, NC based senior relocation company. KIM – Please define what a

Memory Magz Together

Memory Magz from Keep In Mind, Inc

Memory Magz® from Keep In Mind, Inc.® are ‘magazine style’ picture publications created for individuals with memory impairment due to Alzheimer’s, dementia, brain trauma or developmental disabilities. Magz feature full page vibrant pictures and come with a “conversation starter tool”

Experience 12 Minutes In Alzheimer’s Dementia

I believe all dementia and Alzheimer’s care providers and industry practioners should experience the Virtual Dementia Tour. It’s powerful.