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KIM Quotes -Raising Dementia Awareness with Mini Messages

Dont speak of Me


KIM Quotes are original works written by Ellen Belk, CDP & President of Keep In Mind, Inc.

Written from either the perspective of the person with Dementia or the Dementia care partner; the Quotes have found an audience thru social media. Facebook users especially, have connected to these mini messages.

Always real and often raw; they are reminders that shed light on issues within the Dementia care community. The intent to raise awareness and get the conversation started. 1-8 people over age 65 have a form of dementia. 1-3 over age 85 have it. The time has come to stop ignoring the silver tsunami that is cascading upon us.

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Dementia Awareness on Facebook Finds an Audience

    On November 20th, 2013 – Keep In Mind, Inc. posted this KIM Quote on our Facebook page. In less than 24 hours this Dementia Awareness message had reached nearly 47,000 viewers. To date, it’s been viewed by 53,776