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NFL Head Injuries; CTE Definition & Discussion


Recently, Ellen Belk, CDP & President of Keep In Mind, Inc. was a guest on Conversations in Care  with Tammi Neumann.  In this clip, Belk shares the definition of CTE. A diagnosis often linked to former athletes, most notably from the NFL, who’ve suffered repeated concussions and head trauma.

Belk, a Dementia Solutions Expert for the past 14 years, is a former Division One scholarship athlete and medal winning triathlete, who spent 10 years as a sports broadcast journalist before transitioning into Dementia care. During her broadcasting career, Belk (formerly known as Ellen Roberts) worked for some powerhouse radio stations in Milwuakee, Charlotte and New York. During her years at WFAN in New York she was the game day studio producer for the New York Giants and produced the Monday Night coach’s show for both the New York Giants & New York Jets.

Belk’s background in sports uniquely merges with her 14+ years as a leader in Dementia care. Keep In Mind, Inc. offers Care Coaching  for former athletes and their caregivers. 

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