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A Holistic Approach to Dementia Care

Holistic Dementia Care; featuring Keep In Mind, Inc.

Holistic Dementia Care; featuring Keep In Mind, Inc.

A holistic approach to Dementia care can minimize the need for toxic medication. Paying special attention to the environment, nutrition, communication and activity engaement; is an effective first line of defense that empowers the care giver and has positive results on the care receiver. 

Keep In Mind, Inc. has been delivering holistic solutions for both professional and family care partners since 2011. Company President, Ellen Belk is a 13+ year industry expert and creator of Memory Magz and Memory Mealz.

“With 1 in 8 folks over the age of 65 having some form of Dementia, most people will be impacted in some way; whether it be via a family member or friend. By creating Dementia-friendly environments and having caregivers who ‘speak Dementia’, we can have a positive impact on a fast-growing segment of society.”Ellen Belk, President of Keep In Mind, Inc. 

Read the full article in the November issue of Natural Awakenings, Charlotte. Belk discusses the evolution of Keep In Mind, the products she created to serve both those with Dementia and their care partners and the importance of eliminating unneccessary environmental triggers in a care setting. 


Dementia? Mealtime is Important Time. Dementia Food.

You are What You Eat! This old adage remains especially true for aging bodies and those with a dementia diagnosis.

Memory Magz Together

Memory Magz from Keep In Mind, Inc

Memory Magz® from Keep In Mind, Inc.® are ‘magazine style’ picture publications created for individuals with memory impairment due to Alzheimer’s, dementia, brain trauma or developmental disabilities. Magz feature full page vibrant pictures and come with a “conversation starter tool”