Say “NO” to the Status Quo!

Delivering Bigger/Bolder Options to Enhance the Resident Experience in Senior Living

Senior Living Owners & Operators, if we’ve learned anything during the quarantine of 2020; it’s that there is a ton of opportunity to reimagine how we measure success in the Resident Experience Department.

Gone are the days where we consider large groups of folks sitting in a circle batting a balloon around to be the highlight of the day.

If you consider BINGO your best & brightest option; you may need to reconsider that strategy.

The Consumers who’ve weathered COVID alongside us, have been acutely dialed- in to how Senior Living communities have responded to the challenges we’ve been presented.  Their expectations will remain high as we move forward.

Owners/Operators, as you prepare for 2021; I certainly hope you factored in additional dollars and employee hours to strengthen your Resident Experience Department. The ‘any –warm- body- will- do’ philosophy is NOT the accepted job description for the Director of that department anymore!

Part of the ‘secret sauce’ to ensure a robust Resident Experience in your community depends on a TEAM approach.  Click the video; to hear me share examples of how all members of the community team can play a role in delivering Championship Level outcomes!