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  • Are you a Dementia caregiver? Or know someone who is? 
  • Are you a Doctor, Nurse, or service provider who has clients with Dementia? 
  • Do you lead (or attend) a Dementia support group? 
  • Are you a first responder? Or work in the ER? 
  • Are you a member of the Fire or Police department?
  • A civic leader, social worker, volunteer or clergy member? 

We have these 3 Free Downloads available to support your efforts! 

1. Caregiving Credo

Are you a caregiver or know someone who is?
Do you lead a support group?
Are you a service provider with clients delivering care?
Give the Credo to anyone providing care, who may appreciate a supportive boost today.

Together we are stronger. Caregivers need to know they are not alone.

2. Emergency Quick Tips

This tool gives anyone providing services to your loved one with Dementia a quick-glance resource to ensure less stressful outcomes.

Caregivers are encouraged to print out the Quick Tips on brightly colored paper that will get the attention of those reading it. As advocates, it’s up to us to minimize difficult encounters for those in our care.

Professional Dementia care managers in long-term living settings are encouraged to have a stack of Quick Tips to give to the EMS personnel responding to your community 9-11 calls.  Encourage them to pass along the info. to the ER personnel at the hospital. Streamline the stress of an emergency situation for those in your care.

3. Holistic Dementia Care Solutions

This easy-to-read tool gives caregiving tips for non-pharma first interventions.

Based on our four-pillar philosophy of focusing on: Environment, Communication, Nutrition, and Engagement for successful outcomes. Simple solutions with high impact!

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