Caregiving Credo


With over 16 million family members providing Dementia care to a loved one in America, the need is great for ensuring those families have the necessary resources and tools to support their efforts. So much of the fundraising goes towards finding a cure for Alzheimer’s and other Dementia’s. 

More than five million Americans are living with Alzheimer’s. It is the 6th leading cause of death. However, there still is no cure in sight. 

Therefore, we have ample opportunity to provide training, services, support, and benefits to those 16+ million unpaid caregivers currently doing the ‘heavy lifting’.  Additionally, with staffing shortages in the Senior Living sector, it’s more crucial than ever that operators and administrators provide training and support to the professional care team members. Providing value through resources in a professional setting directly impacts employee satisfaction and retention. 

I wrote the Caregiving Credo for the participants in my Dementia Support Group. Today, I share it with anyone else who is interested in a gentle message of support. A motivating boost during challenging times. You are Not Alone! 

The Caregiving Credo can be shared with ANYONE providing ANY type of Care! 

  • Family or professional caregivers in any kind of setting 
  • Home Health agencies 
  • Hospice providers 
  • Clergy, Social Workers, Advocates, Nurses, Military, Teachers 
  • Emergency rooms, EMS, Occupational or Recreation therapists 
  • Company Presidents, Human Resource leaders

Share with your clients. Give to your friends, employees or neighbors. Give to anyone providing care for someone. 

Are you a business owner? Share the Caregiving Credo with anyone on your staff who balances care and career!  

Even if you aren’t personally providing care to another, chances are very high that someone (probably more than a few) in your inner circle ARE providing care to someone. 

Share the Caregiving Credo.
Together we are stronger.