Making Food Modifications for Dementia Success

By Ellen Belk, CDP | Mar 25, 2021

Some of our fondest memories in life involve sharing a meal with friends and family. Food brings people together, nourishing both body and soul. Think of all the celebrations, holidays, and reasons why you gather around a table to share a meal with those you love. Laughter, stories, reminiscing and long conversations seem to flow … Read more

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Dementia Communication – A LOVE Language

By Ellen Belk, CDP | Mar 3, 2021

Communication is the sharing of thoughts, information, and feelings. Without shared thoughts, information or feelings there is NO communication. When there is no communication, there is no relationship. If you are a professional caregiver or a valued family member providing care support to someone with Alzheimer’s or another Dementia, you know all too well how … Read more

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The Financial & Personal Costs of Dementia Care

By Ellen Belk, CDP | Feb 18, 2021

Providing Dementia care is challenging. According to the National Alzheimer’s Association 2020 Facts & Figures report,83% of the help provided to older adults in the United States comes from family members, friends, or other unpaid caregivers. Nearly half of all those unpaid folks are caring for someone with Dementia. That’s 16 million Americans providing Dementia … Read more

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Adaptive Food Options For Those With Dementia

By Ellen Belk, CDP | Jan 12, 2021

As a holistic Dementia Care solutions Expert, I believe in infusing non-pharma interventions into our care efforts for those we’re serving. The four pillars that guide my philosophy are: Environment, Communication, Nutrition, and Engagement. It’s my belief, that by paying close attention to these four areas as a first line of defense, we’ll have higher … Read more

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Holistic Suggestions for Alzheimer’s & Dementia Caregivers

By Ellen Belk, CDP | Jan 12, 2021

Alzheimer’s is the most common cause of Dementia accounting for 60-80% of all cases. One out of three senior citizens die with either Alzheimer’s disease or another form of Dementia. This accounts for more Dementia-related deaths than breast cancer or prostate cancer combined. No new Alzheimer’s drug has been approved since 2003! In fact, a … Read more

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Giving Thanks for Family Caregivers

By Ellen Belk, CDP | Dec 17, 2020

Did you know that nearly 44 million Americans provide 37 billion hours of unpaid (informal) care each year for adult family members, friends or neighbors with chronic illnesses or conditions? According to the Family Caregiver Alliance, female family caregivers provide over 75% of caregiving support in the United States. The duties of family caregiving can … Read more

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Planning Dementia-Friendly Holiday Celebrations

By Ellen Belk, CDP | Dec 7, 2020

For some people, the holiday season is a time of great joy, filled with fun and tradition. However for others, the holidays (even in a non-pandemic year) can be a source of sadness that triggers loneliness or depression. Additionally, the varied emotions that emerge during this season can be even more challenging for those family … Read more

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Say “NO” to the Status Quo!

By Ellen Belk, CDP | Nov 17, 2020

Delivering Bigger/Bolder Options to Enhance the Resident Experience in Senior Living Senior Living Owners & Operators, if we’ve learned anything during the quarantine of 2020; it’s that there is a ton of opportunity to reimagine how we measure success in the Resident Experience Department. Gone are the days where we consider large groups of folks … Read more

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Silver Living Strategies include Fruits and Veggies

By Ellen Belk, CDP | Aug 12, 2020

 Are you providing care to a Silver citizen? Are You a seasoned citizen over the age of 60? The nutritional benefits of whole fruits combined with colorful fresh vegetables have an immediate impact on overall health and well- being in aging bodies. Whether you’re creating meals for yourself or a loved one in your care; remember … Read more

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Dementia – Ready for Reality TV?

By Ellen Belk, CDP | Aug 12, 2020

Dementia – Ready for Reality TV? With the explosion of Reality TV, what used to be considered mundane, private or off-limits is now broadcast in Technicolor for the world to see. Millions watch survivors forage in the wild or follow pregnant teenage drama. Audiences scrutinize rogue Amish youth, excessive hoarders, extreme coupon clippers and folks battling addictions. Who could’ve imagined these previously … Read more

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