What’s in a Name

By Ellen Belk, CDP | Aug 12, 2020

What’s in a Name? A Key to Dementia Communication   Providing care for someone with an Alzheimer’s or a related Dementia diagnosis takes substantial effort and a skill-set that is highlighted by the ability to communicate effectively. “Good Morning Mary” I smile as I extend my hand. Mary gingerly accepts it with a quizzical look on … Read more

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It takes a TEAM to Care

By Ellen Belk, CDP | Aug 12, 2020

Look to the success of championship teams for Dementia care inspiration……. What do the Chicago Bulls, New York Yankees, and Green Bay Packers have in common? All three of these franchises have set records in their respective sports for multiple Championships. In the 1990’s the Bulls permanently placed their name in the record books by winning three consecutive Championships not … Read more

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